Silk Road Healing Collective

Our Silk Road Healing Collective offers the following Spiritual Healing Services:

In our wondrous and very private consultation room:

  • Aura Scans
  • Astrology
  • Reiki Healing
  • Pellowah Healing
  • Akashic Healing
  • Distance Healing
  • Twin flame Counselling
  • Shamanic Energy Healing
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Tarot Card Readings
  • Oracle Card Readings
  • Distance Readings
  • Coffee cup readings
  • Ear Candling
  • Life Coaching

In our Traditional Mongolian yurt:

  • * Sound Healing (Offered by three unique healers)
  • *Sacred Indian Chanting
  • *Full Moon Ceremonies
  • *New Moon Ceremonies

Address: 306 High Street Northcote Vic 3070

Phone: Nina on 0433 457 563 for details and bookings

Silk Road Yurt with people attending session

Upcoming Events


Giuseppe image

Sound Healing with Giuseppe Lirosi

I am an artist/musician with a background in holistic health therapies ranging from meditation, yoga therapy, spiritual development, NLP, Reiki, and kinesiology.


Phone: 0414950727

Sarah image

Sacred Indian Chanting with Sarah de la Cerda Izurieta

Playing a harmonium and inviting everyone to release inner tension through voice.


Phone: 0450413214

Elliott image

New Moon and Full Moon ceremonies with Elliott Treves

His crystal singing bowls whose amazing Sound Bathing Experience assists in exploration of self, grounding and realignment.


Phone: 0423080183

Aleks image

Aura Scans and Energy Healing with Aleks

Holistic, Intuitive Healing with Aleks – Helping find Inner Balance and Inner Growth. Offering Energy Healing, Spiritual Counselling, Aura/Chakra scans.


Phone: 0421808725

Carol image

Tarot Readings, Ear candling and Spiritual Guidance with Carol Light

Fully qualified Spiritual Soul and Life Coach, Therapist and Natural Therapy Practitioner.


Phone: 0416413530

Emily image

Tarot, Oracle Readings and channelled messages with Emily

Enter the magic and stillness of the yurt with Emily for a gentle guided meditation journey of hypnotic sound, voice and ancient chanting that will caress the senses and sing to the soul. Connecting with the power of the breath and the heart of Mother Earth, together we will explore the magical realms of the inner plane and open to receive the potent wisdom and medicine that lies within.


Phone: 0407913390

Dawn image

Reconnective Healing, Intuitive Guidance, Sound Healing and Therapeutic Touch with Dawn Skye


Phone: 0422391202

Emma image

Blue Lotus Mystic Healing with Emma Barnes

Blue Lotus Mystic Healing operates at the interface of science and spirituality, taking the best of what works to provide a potent offering of deep healing, divine guidance and soul nourishment. Services include energy healing (Reiki and Pellowah) and oracle and tarot readings


Phone: 0448631063

Felix image

Shaman healer

Felix Ezrael is a natural born Shaman healer with natural psychic abilities. He has studied extensively and has developed his skills to help you to heal, evolve spiritually and live your life purpose.

Phone: 0402625562

Kavisha image

Kavisha Mazzella

Kavisha Mazzella is a singer songwriter ,integral sound healer and choir leader . A longtime meditator, Kavisha has explored chants and songs from world wisdom traditions .She has composed new music for ancient mystic poems She has been leading Empty Sky since 2008, teaching singing and chanting at many festivals around the country.


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